Microsoft Copilot: new exciting ideas for the next-generation

Dimitri Pletschette
3 min readMar 28, 2024

After attending Microsoft Ignite Switzerland 2024 in Zurich, I have been thinking a lot about the future of M365 Copilot and how its capabilities could be enhanced with a proactive and predictive approach.

Obviously, I understand the ability to create custom copilots, however, what I am referring to is, or could be, in a hypothetical future, various improvements baked in and activated by organization administrators. For instance, here are a couple of examples:

Example 1: Based on the Microsoft Teams status on Monday morning, if a user signs in, proactively offer a recap of the previous week and an overview of the upcoming week, including days at the office and scheduled meetings. This should be done without even needing to ask the question.

Example 2: Based on the Viva Engage profile activity, proactively offer recaps of items that might have been highlighted by communications managers or org-admins.

Example 3: Based on the number of unanswered emails by the user prior to the end of the week, suggest a free time slot in Microsoft Teams to be blocked in their calendar. This will help wrap things up before the end of the week.

Example 4: Based on the activation of the “office/remote” work location field in Microsoft Teams, offer the user the ability to postpone their office days if it’s too crowded, or vice versa, encourage them to head to the office if their top 10 Microsoft Graph connections are already there.

Example 5: Trigger Actions — it would be great to be able to connect with the entire desktop interface of the user, allowing us to open software programs, launch saved RPA, and perform other actions as needed.

Example 6: Custom keyboard shortcuts — Give collaborators the ability to save custom keyboard shortcuts to accelerate their time to value. For example, they could set up shortcuts like Ctrl + T for “Translate this”.

Example 7: Custom personas shortcuts — Give users the ability to save custom persona shortcuts to accelerate time-to-value. For example: Ctrl + Shift + R for ‘Release Manager’.

Example 8: Copilot profile section — Offer users a dedicated profile section where they can set up their conversation style, shortcuts, preferred languages, etc.

Example 9: Microsoft vCard Integration — When a query is made in Copilot, such as ‘@user’, offer a vCard on top of other information, including the profile picture.

Example 10: Windows desktop application — Even if we can use Microsoft Teams floating window, it would be great to have the ability to pin an app in the Taskbar (for old Windows versions too).

Example 11: Predictive Document Collaboration — Anticipates who needs to collaborate on a document based on past interactions, suggesting collaborators and streamlining the process.

Example 12: Security Guardian — Proactively identifies potential security threats and offers actionable recommendations to safeguard sensitive data.

Example 13: Elgato Streamdeck integration — Imagine having the ability to use daily physical shortcuts on your Stream Deck with a dedicated Copilot profile.

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