The new AI-powered Bing


The new Bing

Behind the curtains

  • New OpenAI model (a new search engine running on GPT 3.5).
  • Microsoft Prometheus model (the proprietary search overlay).
  • AI in the search algorithm (mainly to improve accuracy & ranking).
  • Enhanced user experience (let's call this the V.1 UI unified experience).

Testing the BETA

The future UI/UX challenge

The new Bing Chat Experience
Bing Search Results for Elon Musk
The new bing addon in search results

Please don't call me Sydney

The bold move from Microsoft

Are Bing's market shares going to take off?

Worldwide desktop market share of leading search engines from January 2015 to December 2022

Will AI change Search and SEO in general?

Benefits of an AI-driven search experience

Dangers of an AI-enhanced search result




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